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The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommends that kids should be seen for their first orthodontic checkup around the age of 7. By this age, the teeth have developed enough to determine if any problems are arising with the alignment of the permanent teeth.

In some cases, patients may benefit from early treatment that starts before all the baby teeth have fallen out. Many orthodontic problems are easier to correct if detected early rather than waiting until jaw growth has slowed. Early treatment may mean a patient will avoid more complicated treatment later in life.

Orthodontists are specialists in their field and receive three years of additional university education and training beyond that of general dentists.

Orthodontists are trained to identify problems of tooth and/or jaw development early in life,  enabling them to recommend the appropriate corrective treatment at the ideal time.

For kids who don’t need early treatment we will arrange to see them for periodic check-ups at least once a year, at no charge, to monitor their growth so treatment can be recommended at the right time.

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