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Removable mouth guards can protect the teeth, gums and jaw from injury while playing sports and can reduce the effects of a concussion.

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Protection is especially important while wearing braces or other orthodontic appliances.

During treatment, we recommend pre-made mouth guards to allow for ongoing movement of the teeth.

After braces are removed, we provide our patients with a complimentary, custom mouth guard that fits better and is more comfortable.

DID YOU KNOW? We make custom mouth guards for all athletes, even those who are not currently in treatment.

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We can make a custom mouthguard to fit around your braces or appliances while you are in treatment. Custom mouthguards can also be made for patients who are being followed by Dr. Britton and who are not yet in active treatment.

Our staff will take the time to teach you how to wear and care for your mouthguard.

Injuries to the mouth and jaw are extremely common sports-related injuries. A mouthguard not only protects your braces or appliance, it also helps to minimize any long-term damage to your smile.

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