When Does My Child Need to Be Seen by an Orthodontist?

This is a very common question, as we now see younger children beginning orthodontic treatment. Let’s take some time to explain why that’s happening.

The Canadian Orthodontic Association’s current guidelines recommend all children be seen by an orthodontist between the ages of seven and nine. Some children require and can benefit from early intervention treatments. One of the telltale signs that it’s time to see an orthodontist is crowding of the emerging adult teeth or a misaligned bite. Parents will either notice themselves or their general dentist may recommend the child be seen by an orthodontist.

Another reason for a range in the age kids begin orthodontic care is that a child’s chronological age may not match their dental age, which is measured by how many adult teeth have come in.

Orthodontists can screen your child before all of their adult teeth have come in, because their specialized training allows them to predict growth patterns. This screening allows for a more proactive approach to treatment, and it’s the reason orthodontic interventions are happening earlier than they used to.

In other words, early treatment may mean that a patient can avoid more complicated treatment later. If there are serious orthodontic issues occurring at a young age, the orthodontist can address them immediately and then continue to follow the child until all the adult teeth have come in. At that point, it can be determined if any further orthodontic care will be needed.

At Britton Orthodontics, all initial consultations are complimentary. Dr. Britton and his staff will take an initial set of photos and do a thorough exam before discussing a proposed treatment plan with the patient (and their guardians, if they are under the age of 18). If Dr. Britton determines that more growth time is needed, his practice will continue to follow the patient at no extra cost until such a time as treatment is recommended.

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