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Tips For Dealing With Bad Breath

Oral hygiene is very important when you are going through orthodontic treatments. Here are some remedies for bad breath.


When you’re going through orthodontic treatment, oral hygiene is more important than ever. Keeping teeth clean and healthy can help to prevent the common and embarrassing problem of bad breath.

Here are some other helpful tips to keep your breath fresh.

1. Brush and floss regularly

Bacteria in your mouth will stick to plaque build-up. Brush your teeth at least two times per day and floss at least one. If you’re concerned about your breath, you can even increase this frequency.

2. Rinse your mouth

A mouthwash can provide extra protection for your breath by helping to get rid of the bacteria. When you choose one, it should be targeting the germs that cause that bacteria. Water is a good substitute to help remove food particles, if you don’t have access to mouthwash after a meal.


3. Brush or scrape your tongue

The coating on our tongues is also a place that bacteria likes to settle. You can help remove it by gently brushing it off. If your toothbrush isn’t comfortable, you can purchase specifically-designed tongue scrapers in the oral hygiene aisle. These scrapers apply even pressure across the surface of your tongue and remove food debris and bacteria.

4. Chew gum

Bacteria love sugar and they use it to make acid that contributes to bad breath. Choose a sugarless gum, which can help to stimulate saliva production and naturally protects the teeth and mouth against that acid. If you are using an appliance or wearing braces, use sugarless gum and only in moderation.

5. Keep your mouth hydrated

If you don’t have enough saliva in your mouth and it becomes dry, it can also cause bad breath. Drink plenty of water during the day and use sugarless gum to promote saliva production.

If you are still experiencing problems with bad breath after trying these strategies, it’s a good idea to bring it up with your orthodontist and/or family doctor to rule out other medical conditions.

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Now that spring is here and summer is not far away, it's time for our kids to shift into outdoor mode, with sports like soccer, baseball, field hockey, lacrosse, and rugby. Though each of those sports has required safety equipment, mouth guards are not always mandatory and usually left to the parents’ discretion.

According to more than 5 million teeth are damaged or lost each year; often during sports activities, resulting in nearly $500 million spent on replacing these teeth each year

Any activity that involves or has a risk of contact is one that can benefit from protecting the mouth. It is estimated that mouth guards prevent between 100,000 and 200,000 oral injuries per year in professional football alone. The Canadian Association of Orthodontists and The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association recommend mouth guards be used in both competitive and non-competitive sports.


Removable mouth guards protect the teeth, as well as the gums and jaw while playing contact or ball sports. Mouth guards have also been shown to reduce the effect of concussions by stabilizing the jaw during impact.

Protection of the teeth is especially important if a player is wearing braces or other orthodontic appliances. During treatment, we recommend pre-made mouth guards to allow for ongoing teeth movement. After braces are removed, we provide our patients with customized mouth guards as part of their treatment.

You can find out more about our mouth guard program on our website and we welcome you to book an appointment for a customized mouth guard fitting, even if your child isn’t currently in treatment.

We hope your families have a fun and active summer. Let’s work together to keep our kids and their smiles safe!



How To Enjoy Halloween With Braces

How to keep your braces safe at Halloween (1).png

We know this is the one time of year when our patients want to pretend not to know about the rules for safe food choices and braces. We get it — we love candy, too!

But being wise about your candy choices at Halloween is not only good for your overall dental health, it also prevents the possibility of broken brackets and dislodged wires and saves you an extra trip to the orthodontist for a repair. 

Here are some foods that patients wearing braces and appliances should avoid:

Sticky Candy

  • caramels

  • gum

  • taffy

  • licorice

Hard Candy

  • lollipops

  • candies

  • candy apples

  • nuts

  • pretzels

  • popcorn

It's also important to be thinking about sugar content when wearing braces. Sugar increases the bacteria and acidity in your mouth, which can ultimately lead to decay as well as discolouration of your teeth around the brackets. Avoiding citrus drinks and soda pop is a good idea. 

But wearing braces doesn't mean not being able to enjoy some sweet treats this Halloween. Soft chocolates (without candy or nuts), rice krispie treats, baked goods, and ice cream are all good options. If you want to plan ahead, you can check out some of these suggestions so that you have some Halloween-themed treats on hand and ready to munch on. 

We understand that even with the best of intentions, orthodontic mishaps can still happen. If you need to be seen for any discomfort concerns, please call our office and we'll be happy to help. 

We wish all our patients and their families a safe and happy Halloween!